Adidas has a long and well earned reputation for innovation, flair and daring in the athletic shoes arena. Their latest creation, the adiPower Howard 2.0 does not disappoint.

We all know that most big man shoes tend to disappoint, which explains the dearth of power player brandings in this niche. So we could breathe a sign of relief when Dwight Howard out his name to this awesome new Adidas creation The official Adidas marketing for the new model highlights, among other impressive features, mesh window for breathability, alive cushioning technology and PU insole for durable comfort. According to top online reviewers, the nimbleness of the shoe and the unexpected cushioning it provides.

Online blogs rave about many other features of the Adidas adiPower Howard 2.0, but these two features alone should encourage power basketball players of all levels to consider Adidas for their next shoe purchase. As we are looking at larger feet, if buying internationally make sure to consult our Adidas shoe size conversions charts to ensure an accurate purchase.