We all know the legendary Dr. Scholls brand of health related shoes, targeting pain avoidance for those of us unfortunate enough to have foot and sole issues. Caring for feet is obviously very important, but did you know that Dr. Scholls also provides a range of products aimed at top athletes?

If you didn't, look no further than Dr. Scholl's new Active Series line. This is their new range of insoles providing assistance for the entire foot - the ball, arch and heel -in order to optimise athletic performance. To ensure that this exciting, innovative new product range is not confused with their more traditional product line, Dr. Scholls designed an entirely new packaging and branding image to ensure that customers would not be confused.

Since its recent launch, the Dr, Scholl's Active Series range, with its distinct graphic design, is widely available for those looking to use a tried and trusted brand to enhance their athletic performance.