Is this a giant leap forward for shoe lovers? I think not. News out today that Halle Berry will be launching her own line of shoes. Now, make no mistake, I have nothing against Halle Berry, especially when she is wearing a catsuit, but is she really bringing anything to the table with this new shoe initiative. She already makes the world a sweeter smelling place with her own fragrance. Now it is Deichmann Shoes, a retailer based in Germany, who will distribute the Halle Berry shoe range of 40 limited edition items. Included among these fabulous new treasures will be high heeled sandals, both with straps and slings.

In an interview with a British newspaper. Berry provides the stunning insight that "Women have always loved shoes". Wow. breaking news. Big insight here.

Apologies to my readers for the sarcasm, I really do respect Halle Berry as an actress, and her life story is impressive and inspirational. I'm just not sure that she should be designing shoes. That said, please remember, if you do go and buy some, to use our great shoe size charts for the shoe size conversion.