We have all seen the record online sales over the Holiday season in 2012. Records are broken each and every year, whilst the rise of smart phones and tablets pushes the boundaries of online shopping further and deeper.

However, we must be careful not to ignore the darker side of the online shoe shopping experience. Fraud. Hacking. Worms. Spyware. Despite the best defences, attacks can and still do happen. This was no more evident than the Recent Zappos attack which compromised the credit card details of an estimated twenty four million loyal customers. Whilst there is some solace in the fact that, according to an email from Tony Hseih, the Zappos founder and CEO, only a encoded scrambled form of passwords was stolen  and just the final four digits of each credit card. Still, not anyone's idea of fun.

Even with the limited information, some security experts fear that the hackers (or the rouges they sell the stolen information to) will have enough data to contact clients as a credit card and try and obtain further, more compromising, information. Another deep concern is that the criminals may be able to crack the encrypted passwords.

So, whats the bottom line? Nothing in life is without risk. Be careful, think before you respond to any strange emails, but don't live in fear. Stay calm. Carry on. There are just too many great shoes out there!