Salute to Keen shoes! Here is a nice story to share today. We have all been effected by the recession that hit in 2008 as a result of greed and Wall Street excess. Although the economy is slowly recovering, many jobs have been lost and unemployment remain unacceptably and historically high. Why? because American companies are shamelessly exporting jobs overseas.

So, its fantastic to see Keen, a Portland based shoe manufacturer, creating jobs locally. In news today, Keen CEO James Curleigh set out the reasons why he is onshoring jobs. Among other factors, he cited intellectual property protection, transport costs, rising Chinese labor costs and the need for vertical integration. Keen also believes that creating jobs in America is important as it is in line with Keen's progressive philosophy. 

Not only that, but they manufacture great shoes to boot. So, isn't it time to show some support for high quality made in the USA shoes?