It is always valuable to get fashion guidance from leading shoe designers. So, when the renowned Michael Kors shared some thoughts on shoes and more at a recent charity event in Naples, Florida, shoe lovers should sit up and take notice.

According to Michael Kors, shoes are the most critical fashion item as they have the ability to make or break an entire outfit. However, to achieve the perfect shoe component, Michael Kors does not think that one needs an Imelda Marcos size shoe collection. A small, focused collection of essentials will suffice. According to Michael Kors, this would include the following shoes: black and nude pumps and basic sandals (black, gold and strappy silver) will do the job.
He also advocates against absurd heel heights. If you can't walk, you look stupid, That's it - be sensible. Whilst other leading designers differ in their approach to heels, Michael Kors certainly seems to have a pragmatic approach for the modern women.