Well, I guess we can now reveal what Nike has been up to instead of releasing special Jeremy Lin shoes.

Yesterday, in advance of the rapidly approaching London Olympics, Nike released an ultra-light shoe, the Nike Flyknit. the new Nike shoe is virtually seamless and, according to Nike, "redefines the idea of running footwear". If one looks at the Flyknit Racer, the entire show weighs a mere 160g.

the Nike Flyknit Racer come shot on the heels (excuse the pun) of other recent Nike innovations, such as the Nike Pro TurboSpeed to help you dip under the 10 second mark for the 100m sprint. There is also the Nike Hyperdunk basketball shoe which allows you to outshoot Jeremy Lin.

Life is cruel. If I had known about the new Nike release in advance, I may have tried out for the USA track and field team. Now I will just have to watch on cable like everyone else.