It seems as if barely a day can go by without Nike shoes making the headlines in one way or another.

The latest Nike breaking news came on Friday with the launch of the new outer pace theme Nike Galaxy basketball shoe. Once again, demand far exceeded supply. This time, in Orlando, over 100 of America's finest were deployed at a mall to contain a crowd awaiting the arrival of the Foamposite Galaxy. Disturbances were also recorded at a number of other venues, including Hyattsville in Maryland where one person was detained.

One can understand the mad crowds when you see the resale prices of these in demand items. on eBay, they resell immediately for over $1,000, a very healthy mark up by any benchmark.

Nike have used limited edition releases to garner publicity, but it must be asked whether it is going too far with threats being posed to public order.

I for one will keep my shoe size conversion charts snugly tucked away for the time being and continue to enjoy my three year old New balance running shoes for the time being. however, if Nike release a Star Wars themed shoe, I may have to reconsider.....