I guess there is never a dull news day in the shoe size conversion space. The story to catch my eye this evening was, believe it or not, a stampede in a Maryland mall of over 100 people aiming to get their hands on the new Nike Foamposite trainers. The local Footlocker branch had obtained a small stock of the scare new shoe and people began queuing from the early morning. Chaos ensued, disturbances broke out, and over a dozen police officers were rushed to the scene to restore the peace. The mall was locked down, although no-one was arrested as it was not possible to identify the instigators.

Apparently the mad rush was caused by the intense scarcity of the Nike Foamposite, with the much desired shoes being sold for more than double retail on internet auction sites. 

In my opinion, its much safer to buy them online. Use the useful links to top online retailers on this site, and our handy shoe size conversion charts. No pepper spray, no arrests, guaranteed.