It turns out that the Nike universe is not only one of stampedes, crazy crowds and mall closures. Here is a good news Nike story, about making our world just a slightly better place.

In 1990 Nike started the reuse a Shoe program It allows older, redundant shoes to be recycled into reusable materials to build athletic surfaces for poorer communities who weer not able to buy them with their own resources. The out of date shoes have their core components separated out - that is, the sole, fabric and foam - which are then reprocessed into the materials required for play surfaces.  Despite it being a Nike initiated program, all brands of athletic shoes are most welcome - Adidas, puma, Asics, Converse etc. In total, over 20 million pairs have been handed in, recycled and used to benefit hundreds of lower income communities.

So, next time you are paging through Zappos with your shoe size conversion table at the ready looking for new Nike or Adidas trainers, don't forget to recycle your old pair. Its for the good, and they were heading for the trash can anyway.