The earliest connections between Italy and China were established by the intrepid explorer Marco Polo many centuries ago. Things have progressed somewhat since then, and today we can witness another milestone in relationships between these two ancient countries. Venerable shoe maker Salvatore Ferragamo has announced that it will launch its first online store in china in October this year. Salvatore Ferragamo will be partnering with a local Chinese retail expert that specializes in high end global merchandise.

This initiative will complement Salvatore Ferragamo's existing range of 60 shops in China and thus allow one of the worlds leading purveyors of luxury shoes, bags and accessories to reach an eager market of over 1 billion people with rapidly rising median incomes and an an insatiable appetite for global status symbols. According to the latest research, the online market in china will exceed that of the USA by 2015.

Clearly, our beloved Salvatore Ferragamo has made a wise decision. Let another 500 million women have access to the unique Ferragamo heel.