There was disappointing news recently for this who hoped that certain brands of shoes would miraculously both help a person lose weight and tone certain key body parts just by walking around. Yes, we are talking about YOU Sketchers! You should be ashamed. The FTC investigated the Sketchers claims regarding their Shape-Ups and found them to be false and misleading. the result was a $40 million fine. Well deserved I maintain.

Sketchers Shape-Ups are not the first guilty party in the hope peddling game. Reebok was also found guilty on similar and forced to pay a fine of $25 million. This was after Reebok wishfully claimed that their EasyTone sneakers would help reduce waistlines.

The bottom line is simple: There is no substitute for good old exercise to stay fit and trim. Don't look to Sketchers or Reebok for salvation, head to the gym.