Some of us may have been privileged enough to enjoy the unique arch provided by Ferragamo shoes of any shoe size. As you enjoy its unique comfort, have you ever stopped to ponder its origin? Well, here is a brief overview of the story.

Salvatore Ferragamo first started in the shoe business as a young 9 year old in Bonito, Italy. making his first shoes for his mother in 1907. A few years later he opened his own shop after further study in Naples. Although his enterprise grew steadily, it was only after his brother encouraged him to relocate to the USA that things started to take off. Salvatore Ferragamo and his family opened their first shop in Santa Barbara, California. Committed to his craft, Salvatore studies anatomy at university and realised that shoes needed arch support, something that had not been provided to date by shoe manufacturers Soon his customers were boasting that Salvatore's shoes were the most comfortable ones that they had ever worn.

Still driven and ambitious, Ferragamo returned to Italy to introduce factory line techniques to hand made shoes in order to radically transform the hand made shoe industry. Overcoming initial resistance, he achieved success and soon introduced his wares into top department stores back in America.

Much more innovation and creativity was to follow in the storied career of Salvatore Ferragamo, a true shoe pioneer.