Love them or hate the, Ugg boots remain in great demand! They may look a bit strange to the uninformed and critical eye, but make no mistake they are super hot sellers.

In particular, the Ugg Classic Short remains the undisputed king of the Ugg kingdom. With a cold winter approaching in the Northern hemisphere, these Australian wonders will keep your precious feet warm and cozy. Even if you choose not to wear any socks! If your favorite new pair of winter boots is going to get a lot of rain exposure, the Ugg water repellent is recommended. Apply before wearing - twice if possible - and you will not be sorry.

One small word of caution. When buying Ugg boots, sizes can vary by style, so best to purchase form a retailer that will allow free returns. That way you are guaranteed the perfect fitting Ugg boot without any extra charges.

Its getting cold people - go out there and look after yourself. Its time for Ugg!