European Shoe Size

Are you looking for shoe size conversions involving European shoe size? Have a look at our conversion charts for MenWomenChildren and Infant shoe sizes so that you can be sure you are buying the right shoe.

The Internet has made it possible for people in any country to purchase the goods that they want easily and quickly and have these items shipped to their door. Every single item, from computers to candy, can be bought online from other countries and then delivered. With cheaper shipping costs and faster delivery times, people are constantly shopping online these days. One of the most often purchased items online is shoes from every country around the globe. People buy shoes from all over Europe, Australia, the UK, Japan and China and have them delivered to their front doorsteps in just a matter of days for a similar price to what they pay at their department store down the street. Buying shoes from other countries enables the buyer to have something unique and different from what everyone else has. One of the biggest problems with purchasing European shoes or shoes from other countries is that it is hard to be sure that the footwear will fit comfortably and correctly. Most impotrantly, do you know your European shoe size? Follow some of these tips and tricks for buying shoes that will actually fit right.

Take an accurate measurement of your foot

In order to get the most accurate measurement of your foot, ensure that you are having a friend help you. Wear the stockings or socks that you will wear with the shoes and have your friend take the measurement in the afternoon or evening, when some natural swelling of the foot will occur. Once you get the figure, you can use this measurement of your foot size to find out what your European shoe size is.

 Use shoe size conversion charts

Make sure that you use your foot size measurement to find your size in a specific country on a shoe size conversion chart. Our charts use the most widely accepted conversions for Men, Women, Children and Infant shoe sizes so that you can be positive you are getting the best information possible as to the right shoe size conversion.

Shoe size conversion charts are the easiest way to determine your European shoe size and they will prevent unnecessary returns.