Shoe Size Chart 

Looking for a shoe size chart? We have tables for for menwomenchildren and infants that will convert your current American shoe size into shoes size from all over the world.

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The internet has made it possible for people to buy items from every country in the world easily, with just a few clicks of the mouse. Shopping for items like purses and other accessories is easy online from other countries and sizing is not a factor because these items are not sold in a specific size. If you want to buy shoes from another country, however, you need to know what your shoes size is in their particular sizing if you want to be able to get shoes that actually fit This is especially important when you are shopping online, because it can get very costly to constantly have to mail back shoes that do not fit you correctly. When you want to purchase shoes you love online from other countries, use our shoe size chart that is right for get the exact size you need.

A shoe size chart will show you what your shoe size would be in another country. The problem with trying to find out what size to buy from another country is that there are variations in sizing that often cannot be matched up perfectly. A number of online resources have charts that are not completely accurate, which leaves you vulnerable to ordering shoes that are not the correct size and can cause injuries and discomfort to your feet. This site uses a shoe size chart that combines the most widely accepted conversions to help you to find the right shoe size for you in other countries. You will be able to find out what your perfect shoe size is in shoes that are made in Europe, China, Japan, the UK, and Australia so that no pair of shoes is off limits.

In order to use the charts correctly, you need to measure your foot to determine how many inches or centimeters your foot is. This will make the shoe conversion more accurate, as your American shoe size will not perfectly line up to any European shoe sizes or other sizes either. You should take an accurate measurement of your foot in the afternoon or evening and wear socks that are the style and thickness of the socks that you plan to wear with the shoes you want. Get your measurement and then use the shoe size chart to get your conversion size and order the shoes that you want from any country without having to worry about getting the wrong size of footwear.